Learning Effectiveness of Adapted Physical Education Programme Among the Physically Challenged

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Ogunsemore, M. A.
Ajibola, G.S.
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University of Lagos Press and Bookshop Limited
Developing nations all over the world are saddled with the education which involves teaching and learning process of persons living with disabilities. Adapted Physical Education programme which include movement exploration experiences, rhythmical activities, recreation and competitive sports for special needs of persons living with disabilities are faced with mirage of problems in schools. The physically challenged persons learning process is affected by internal problems, infrastructural factors such as lack of play grounds, inappropriate and inaccessible learning environment, stigmatization, inadequate learning and teaching materials, socio-economic barriers which include poverty, lack of support from families, teachers, society and unsupportive curriculum which affects their teaching learning process. The objective of this paper is to discuss the concept of disability, matters arising in disability and learning. Concept of adapted physical education, the benefits of participating in sports by the physically challenged individual will also be discussed in this paper. The constraints and teaching strategies to learning process in psychomotor activities are also discussed with its implication for effective learning process for the physically challenged persons of school age.
Scholarly article
Ogunsemore, M. A. & Ajibola, G. S. (2022). Learning Effectiveness of Adapted Physical Education Programme Among the Physically Challenged. In M. B. Ubanga, A. O. Adeosun & M. A. Oladejo (eds). Learning: The All-Inclusive Concept (pp. 357 - 374). University of Lagos Press and Bookshop Ltd