HIV, TB and Malaria Service Readiness at the Primary Healthcare Centers (PHCs) in Ekiti State, Nigeria

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Adeniran, A.
Chieme, C.F
Ojo, O.Y
Oluwole, E.O.
Olujobi, B
Ilesanmi, M
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Pan African Medical Journal
Introduction: access to services encompasses three components: availability, affordability, and acceptability. The physical presence of service delivery, which includes health infrastructure, core health staff, and aspects of service use, is referred to as service availability. This study was conducted to inform the health service availability and preparedness to deliver HIV, TB, and malaria prevention and control services in Ekiti State. Methods: this is a descriptive cross-sectional study conducted among all the Primary Health Centres (177) in Ekiti State Nigeria between August and October 2020. Data were collected with the use of the World Health Organization Service Availability and Readiness Assessment tool and were analyzed using STATA SE 12. Results: close to half (49%) of them had a condom in supply. More than 90% of them provided diagnosis and treatment of malaria. The HIV-specific service readiness index was approximately 40/0%. Only 26.6% of health facilities were ready to offer TB prevention and control services. Malaria specific service readiness index was 61.9%. There was a statistically significant difference in the HIV and TB-specific service readiness of facilities in the urban compared to rural locations. Health facilities located in the urban areas had higher mean readiness scores compared to those in the other residential areas (P=0.014). Conclusion: it is evident that HIV and TB-specific service readiness is very poor among PHCs in Ekiti State. Malaria Service Readiness was fair. Ekiti State government needs to expand investments in PHCs by strengthening the diagnostic services, commodities and medicine supply, adequate equipment and staff training.
Adeyinka Adeniran, Chisom Florence Chieme, Yetunde Omobola Ojo, Esther Oluwole, Babatunde Olujobi , Marcus Ilesanmi. HIV, TB and Malaria service Readiness at the Primary Health Centres (PHCs) in Ekiti State, Nigeria. Pan African Medical Journal. 2022; 43:116.