Investigation of Sediment Accumulation in Ojo Creek Channel using Geostatistical Techniques

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Jimoh, O.A
Hamid-Mosaku, I.A
Oguntade, O.F
Raheem, K.A
Balogun, A
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Journal of Engineering Research, Faculty of Engineering, University of Lagos
River channels are characterized with natural processes, anthropogenic activities, geomorphology, and climate change, resulting in sediment accumulation. This consideration, however, has geomorphic impacts on riverbed, bank erosion, channel widening, sediment deposition, floodplain scour and destruction of near structures; thereby, significantly impacting on safe navigation and aquatic habitat. This paper investigates sediment accumulation in Ojo creek channel over a period of 9 years using geospatial techniques. Acquired hydrographic, bathymetry, and geospatial information of the study area were structured into spatial database for further integration with spatial analysis using geostatistical methods of Kriging/Co-kriging interpolation method in ArcGIS environment. Relative comparisons of volume of the water over the years were done for accretion and erosion. The net loss and gain in material over the years were revealed to be 1,601,251.949m3 and 1,017,252,326.841m3 respectively. Therefore, the volume of sediment calculated to be approximately 1,015,651,074.892m3. Furthermore, prediction and error analysis conducted was used to quantify the effect of sediment deposits and volume of water in the river channel. Thus, this study provides a framework for quantifying sessions of the channel that requires dredging and the amount of sand dredged for channel maintenance leading to safe navigation and good water supply.
Scholarly article
River channels, geostatistical techniques, spatial database, sediment deposit, geomorphology
O. A. Jimoh, I. A. Hamid-Mosaku, O. F. Oguntade, K. A. Raheem, A. Balogun (2020). Investigation of Sediment Accumulation in Ojo Creek Channel using Geostatistical Techniques. Journal of Engineering Research, Volume 25, Number 3, 6 -18