Ethical Decision Making and Academic Library Management:Prospects and challenges

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Egberongbe, H.S
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Nigerian Library Association, Ogun State Chapter
The changing role of academic libraries enabled by rapid advances in information and communication technology (ICT) and changing user expectation has necessitated development of new competencies to improve service delivery. The changing environmental factors have spawned new ethical issues other than the existing ones. Ethical decision making is identified as essential to ensuring effective organisational performance as well as its success. Three fundamental theories of ethical decision making - Kohlberg's (1969); Trevino (1986); Rest's (1986) - are reviewed to establish variables that influence ethical decision making in Nigerian academic libraries. This is in light of the changing organisational developments occasioned by global advances in technology. A derivation of Shorb's (2004) model of ethical decision making is used to propose a model of library administration model of ethical decision making that seeks to connect basic values, interceding processes and final resulting actions for Nigerian academic libraries.
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Ethical Decision Making , Moral Issues , Library Management , Academic Libraries
Egberongbe, H.S (2016) Ethical Decision Making and Academic Library Management:Prospects and challenges. Gateway Library Journal, Vol. 19 (1) ,110 - 124pp.