Acquisition, Management, Use and Prospect of Grey Literature in University Libraries of Developing Countries

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Adegboye, O.A
Ogunrewo, J.O
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This paper gave an exposition on the definition of grey literature as those categories of literature which are issued mainly for information purposes and are not commonly controlled by commercial publishing interest. It also attempted all extensive description of what constitute grey literature with a view to bringing out their various characteristics. The work further gave a general overview of the rule (4 grey literature. Among other factors, they serve as good complements of published literature even though their significance have not been brought to the lime light as other published resources in university libraries. The sources of grey literature were identified as those that were unpublished and were not acquired through: normal book trade channels. Methods of acquisitions by practice in university libraries were mainly through direct purchase from the creating agencies as well as through gifts and exchanges programmes among the creators and the university libraries. Also, the management of grey literature vary from library to library and there was not yet evolved a standardized method of maintenance especially in the areas of cataloguing and classification. There was evidence that grey literature were being put into use but quite a lot of current awareness was still needed for optimum maximization of use of these resources. Problems facing the prospects of grey literature were also highlighted and recommendations were also made towards boosting prospects of grey Literature.
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Adegboye, O.A and Ogunrewo, J.O (2005) Acquisition, Management, Use and Prospect of Grey Literature in University Libraries of Developing Countries. Journal of Physical Education and Research, Vol.10(1)