Offshore Topside Rotating Packed Bed as Process Intensified Alternative for Natural Gas Sweetening and Dehydration

Ehinmowo, A.B ; Aliyu, A.M ; Alagbe, S.O ; Adedipe, O ; Olumi, O (2015)

Staff Publications


This work is aimed at investigating the benefits of replacing conventional process unit operations with process intensified ones in offshore applications. This ensures that better use is made of raw materials, lower energy consumption and a reduced plant volume was achieved. Specifically, a rotating packed bed technology has been used for gas dehydration and sweetening. To achieve the aim of this study, a process intensification approach is used to redesign mature absorption processes to more compact and efficient one. Process simulation using Aspen Hysys was carried out for Triethylene glycol dehydration and monoethanolamine sweetening. More than 36-fold absorption unit size reduction was achieved thereby effecting large decrease in capital and operating costs compared to the conventional packed columns currently utilized in the offshore oil and gas industry. The process intensified technologies therefore can be deployed for offshore applications where space and size considerations are of utmost importance.