Neuro-Psycholinguistic Value-Inputs of Cultures in Integration Processes: Francophonie Perspectives

Ariole, V.C (2018-11-07)

An Inaugural Lecture 2018 series


Somehow, it is subsumed in the discourse pattern ~Ieashed with 'head': "searching for the truth". Hence, our outing in a public institution, since being elevated to that high trust level, is to explain what we have been doing and how such activities mainstream into that mission. Unfortunately, no express fund is allocated to professors for research as expected, and it is contrary to what a one-time pro-chancellor saw as "research funds are not accessed by professors as they prefer staying in staff club than doing research". He must be referring to the budgetary process that allocates money but is unmindful of the structural defect of such allocation for the education processes that incubate potentials fordecades as the education processes are not like material industrial production or annual budgeting process for operation's profit purposes as against quality human production, which is enduring and is greatly demanding in its quest for sustainable living as well as protecting the environment.