Perception of Students, Teacher and School Administrators on effective Guidance and Counseling Practices in 21st Century Senior Secondary Schools in Kosofe Local Government Area in Lagos State

Nwadinigwe, I.P (2018)

Conference Papers


This study investigated differential perception of educational stakeholders on Guidance and counseling practices in senior secondary schools in the 218t century. The sample comprised one hundred and fifty (150) youths (75 males and 75 females) who were randomly chosen from Kosofe Local Government Area, District IT in Lagos State. Three research hypotheses were formulated and tested in the study. The instrument comprised researchers constructed questionnaire which measured perception and attitude to guidance and counselling. The data collected were analyzed using simple percentile, t-test and one-way analysis statistical techniques. The findings ofthe study revealed that; 1. There is a significant influence of stakeholder's perception on effectiveness of guidance and counselling practice. 2. There is no gender-differential impact in perception on effectiveness of guidance and counselling practice. 3. There is no significant influence of the counsellor's age on the students perception on guidance and counselling practice. Recommendation there is need to introduce guidance/counseling early enough ..