A Mobile-Based Expert System for the Diagnosis of Ebola Virus (ES-DEV)

Azeez, N.A ; Oye, O.M (2016-03)


The development of expert system for the diagnosis of Ebola Virus (ES-DEV) is important to both medical industry and Ebola Virus patients.Medicine is one of the areas that has benefited from the use of artificial intelligence since the advent of machine intelligence. Different expert systems for diagnoses have been developed; however, they are either standalone or Web-based systems. This limitation puts a vast majority of Africans in general and Nigerians in particular at a disadvantage. Recent advances in the capabilities of mobile phones and increasedusage, however, have opened up new opportunities for innovative and complex applications that can be accessed via mobile phones. This work presents Ebola Virus diagnosis system that can be accessed via mobile phones to cater for the needs of the vast majority of users in places where healthcare is inadequate. The application (ES-DEV) which uses waterfall methodology was develop on Android mobile phone with Java Runtime Environment. ES-DEV is currently working and further recommendation is currently being made to adopt its application in medical institution.