Biomedical Engineering- Conference Papers


Recent Submissions

  • Influences on Flexural Strength And Deformation Behavior of Led Cured Microhybrid And Nanofilled Dental Resin Composites 

    Osuntoki, A.A; Ajibola, O.O.E; Adeleye, O.A; Fakinlede, O.A; Adegbulugbe, C.I (2015 Biomedical Engineering Society Annual Meeting, 2015, Tampa, Florida, United States, 2015)
    A major modern application of engineering materials is to support biological tissues. Mechanical tests that closely simulate the real world activity on these materials are the most reliable way of predicting their service ...
  • Viscoelastic-Viscoplastic Material Model for Nonlinear Deformation of Dental Resin Composites 

    Adeleye, O.A; Fakinlede, O.A; Ajiboye, J.S; Adegbulugbe, C.I (21st International Conference on Computer Methods in Mechanics, 2015, Gdansk, Poland, 2015)
    The rate-dependence, recoverable and irrecoverable nonlinear deformation behavior of microhybrid and nanofilled dental resin composites cured with the conventional light emitting diode (LED) and exponential light emitting ...
  • Symbolic Nonlinear Analysis of Viscoelastic Pipes 

    Adeleye, O.A; Fakinlede, O.A (International Conference on Innovations and Technology (IET 2011), 2010)
    In this study, a novel application domain of symbolic computation of nonlinear finite element method using a viscoelastic pipes has been presented. The problem of geometric nonlinearity due to the effect of high temperature, ...