Systems Engineering- Staff Publications


Recent Submissions

  • Acoustic Pressure Waves in Vibrating 3-D Laminated Beam-Plate Enclosures 

    Osheku, C.A.; Olunloyo, V.O.; Damisa, O.; Akano, T.T. (Advances in Acoustics and Vibration in Hindawi Publishing Corporation, 2009)
    The effect of structural vibration on the propagation of acoustic pressure waves through a cantilevered 3-D laminated beam-plate enclosure is investigated analytically. For this problem, a set of well-posed partial ...
  • Standard Yorùbá context dependent tone identification using Multi-Class Support Vector Machine (MSVM) 

    Sosimi, A.A; Adegbola, T; Fakinlede, O.A (Journal of Applied Sciences and Environmental Management, 2019)
    Most state-of-the-art large vocabulary continuous speech recognition systems employ context dependent (CD) phone units, however, the CD phone units are not efficient in capturing long-term spectral dependencies of tone in ...
  • Smart City and Vehicle Pollution Monitoring Using Wireless Network System 

    Akinyemi, Lateef Adesola; Makanjuola, Tunji; Shoewu, Oluwagbemiga; Folorunso, Comfort Oluwaseyi (International Technology and Science Press, 2018-11-23)
    Advancements in the field of communications are moving towards the internet of things (IoTs). Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) can be used to monitor environmental conditions such as pollution using independent sensors ...