An approach to quality improvement of Nigerian university library services: A framework for effective quality management implementation

Egberongbe, H.S (2018)

Scholarly Publications


The p~ explores the different strategies in managing operations and delivering services and compares them to current trends in academic libraries in Southwestern (SN) Nigeria The author objectively and comparatively examined the different models of quality mancg3ll1ent(OM) and strategies, from which a framework of quality improvement for Nig3rian university libraries was developed. The article employed a prcg1la:ic approach to unearth the complexities of investigating the phenomenon in academic library environments. This paper discussed the findings of three studies (online Survey, interview and focus groups) in this research and how they relate to the existing literature. A comprehensive analysis highlights challenges of university library operations in SN Nigeria while a prcg1la:i approach was used to achieve the objectives of the p~. The paper concluded than improvement in quality of service delivery and operations is certain if the proposed framework for OM implementation is embraced in Nigerian academic libraries. Recommended:ions were made on the way forward toward improving ocademic library services nationwide