Application of Daftardar-Gejiji and Jafari Method to Kinetic Analysis of Thermal Inactivation of Jack Bean Urease

Sobamowo, M.G ; Adeleye, O.A (2018)


Jack bean urease has been used as a good catalyst for hydrolysis of urea in various applications such as biotechnology and biomedical engineering. The wide range of applications require proper understanding of the thermal inactivation of the enzyme. Consequently, the theoretical analysis of the enzyme kinetic of the thermal inactivation is required. In this paper, a new iterative method proposed by Daftardar-Gejiji and the Jafari method is applied to analyse the kinetic of thermal inactivation of jack bean urease (EC3.5.1.5). The kinetics of the urease consist of three-reaction steps and included the Arrhenius equation for temperature-dependent rate constants as well as the temperature change in the initial heating period. The approximate analytical solutions are verified with results of numerical method using Runge-Kutta with the shooting method, and good agreements are established between the results of the methods. From the analytical investigation, it is established that the molar concentration of the native enzyme decreases as the time increases while the molar concentration of the denatured enzyme increases as the time increases. The time taken to reach the maximum value of the molar concentration of the native enzyme is the same as the time taken to reach the minimum value of the molar concentration of the denature enzyme. It is hoped that the information given in this theoretical investigation will assist in the kinetic analysis of thermal inactivation of the experimental results over handling rate constants and molar concentrations.