Paleoecology of the Neogene Agbada formation, Niger Delta, Nigeria

Bankole, S. ; Schrank, Eckart ; Adeonipekun, P. A. (2016)


Abundant and well preserved assemblages of pollen, spores, dinoflagellates, freshwater algae and fungal remains had been encountered and documented from three selected wells within the onshore Central II and Coastal I and II depobelts in the Niger Delta. The encountered assemblages indicated a preponderance of forms belonging to terrestrial origin which include: the pteridophytic and bryophytic spores, gymnosperm and angiosperm pollen. The retrieved angiosperm pollens were those typical of Neogene tropical areas. In addition, marine indices (dinoflagellates), freshwater algae and other indeterminate groups were also abundantly recovered from the investigated sediments. The ecologically significant taxa yielded five main phytoecological groups namely mangrove, freshwater, coastal swamp, savanna, montane and tropical rainforest groups.