Tidal Charateristics and Sounding Datum Variation in Lagos State

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Badejo, O.T.
Olaleye, J.B.
Alademomi, A.S.
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The need for water level monitoring has increased over the years. Water level monitoring is among other things useful for oil and gas exploration and exploitation activities, and construction of ports and harbour works. The mean sea level for Lagos, Nigeria is referenced to the Lagos datum situated at the Office of the Surveyor General of the Federation at Lagos Island. This paper examines correlation and variation in the mean water levels and sounding datums for twelve water bodies in Lagos State. Water level observations were taken with the aid of tide gauges for twenty nine days at 12 tidal stations strategically situated within Lagos State. The mean water levels and other tidal characteristics for the various water bodies were calculated from the observed tidal observations from the twelve tide gauge stations. The tide gauge station at the Lagos Harbour has a known chart datum. Sounding datums were therefore determined for the eleven tide gauge locations by sounding datum transfer technique using the Chart datum at the Lagos harbor. The result from our study shows that there are variations in the tidal characteristics of the various water bodies in Lagos State. There is also a need for the harmonization of the various tidal datum in Lagos State.
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Water level observations , Mean water level , Tidal characteristics , Sounding datum , Research Subject Categories::TECHNOLOGY
Badejo, O. T., Olaleye, J. B., & Alademomi, A. S. (2014). Tidal Characteristics and Sounding Datum Variation in Lagos State.