Leaf epidermal morphology of Diospyros (Ebenaceae) in Nigeria

Ugbogu, O.A. ; Olowokudejo, J.D. ; Ogundipe, O.T. (2016)

Staff publications


The genus Diospyros L. belongs to Ebenaceae, with 30 species in Nigeria, that are either trees or shrubs, characterized by simple, estipulate, entire-margin leaves, without latex. The heartwood yields some commercial black ebony. The observed variations in the comparative study of leaf epidermis included: cell shapes ranging from irregular, polygonal to isodiametric; anticlinal cell wall pattern which is straight, curved, slightly wavy, wavy, or very wavy; cell wall thickness between 1.30 μm to 5.50 μm; cell wall ornamentations, present or absent; cuticular striations, present or absent; coronulated papillae, present or absent; stomata types, anomocytic, polycytic, cyclocytic to staurocytic; and trichome types, glandular to non-glandular.