Role of ICT in Election Coverage by the Nigerian Print Media: A Study of the 2007 General Elections


Book chapter

Information Communication Technology (ICT) has emerged as the greatest human inventory of our time, exerting tremendous impact on news production and dissemination across the world. In Nigeria of yesteryear, messages were transmitted across the length and breadth of the community through interpersonal channels, such as the gong, folktales, festivals, mirrors, gunshots, town criers, wooden flutes, horns, drums etc. These early communication technologies were deficient in a number of areas. According to Schramm (1972:28) "Some factual news might be spread very rapidly while more complete information might be disseminated at a much slower pace and with great variety in repetition". This paper therefore takes a look at the impact of ICT in election coverage in Nigeria with specific reference to the 2007 general elections The paper used the survey method in gathering information from senior journalists in the Nigerian print media. It arrives at the conclusion that ICT has assisted the Nigerian print media in reporting timely information to their audience.