Development and Application of a Remote Monitoring and Analysis System for a High Speed Railway Subgrade Structure in Mountainous Areas

Jian, L ; Shanxiong, C. ; Fei, Y. ; Wei, G. ; Ojekunle, V.O. (2015-10)

Staff publications


Remote monitoring and analysis system for high speed railway subgrade structure in mountainous areas is one of most effective method to ensure the safety operation?which as a strong practical significance. Diagnosis technology scheme for the monitoring of high speed railway subgrade health status in soft mountainous area was developed in this paper. To ensure the reliability of this technology, the use of a combination of intelligent sensor, fast data acquisition, signal processing and wireless communication technologies were adopted. This was done by establishing a point- line-surface, multi-level and multi-objective remote monitoring system for high speed railway subgrade. The monitoring parameters including dynamic soil pressure, settlement deformation, inclination and rainfall information are determined using data acquisition card. Data acquisition and wireless communication were obtained through an industrial computer and a 3G/GPRS technology. Client/server for the controlling of remote monitoring system was developed based on the Visual C++ network programming technology and the Access 2010 database platform. The server controlling software also analyze data for the provision of technical support for realizing the target of early warning forecast for high speed railway structure.