An Experimental study of Rheological Properties of Nigeria Waxy Crude Oil

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Adeyanju, Olusiji
Oyekunle, Layioye
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Taylor & Francis Production
Nigerian crude oils are known for their good quality (low sulfur, high American Petroleum Institute gravity). However, similar to any other paraffinic-based crudes, most Nigerian crudes contain moderate to high contents of paraffinic waxes. These waxy crudes exhibit non-Newtonian flow behavior at temperatures below the cloud point because of wax crystallization. In order to accurately predict flowing and static temperature profiles, design waxy crude oil pipelines, evaluate flow interruption scenarios, and start up requirements in the handling of waxy crude oils, the effect of temperature and shear rate on the rheology of crude oils must be determined. This work presented some experimental results on the rheology of two waxy crude oils produced from different Nigerian oil fields. A Brookfield DV-III ultraprogrammable rheometer (Brookfield Engineering Laboratories, Middleboro, MA) was utilized. The temperature dependence of rheological properties and thixotropy of these crudes were investigated. The influence of some petroleum-based diluents to depress the wax appearance temperature (WAT), their effect on the thixotropic/yield pseudoplastic behavior of two Nigerian crudes were studied and it was observed that lower wax content crude has higher tendency to regain its cohesive lattice bonding (yield strength) when left undisturbed for some days at its gel point after agitation. The experimental results showed that the addition of petroleum-based diluents to the lower wax content crude oil leads to its lost some of its yield strength regaining capacity.
paraffinic crude, pour points, rheological properties, shear rate, thixotropic behavior
Adeyanju, O.A. and Oyekunle, L.O.(2012): ”An Experimental study of Rheological Properties of Nigeria Waxy Crude Oil” Petroleum Science and Technology Journal, 30:11, 1102-1111. Publisher: Taylor & Francis Production.