A Survey of Knowledge and Attitude of Women towards the Use age of Female Condoms in Orlu, Imo State

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Azubike, C.U.
Otinwa, G.O.
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The study ascertains the level of knowledge and attitude of women towards female condoms and their willingness to use it. The survey adopted a sample of 300 women in five communities in Orlu, Imo State. A stratified followed by simple random sampling techniques were employed in this study. The study was specifically set to answer the following questions. 1. Do women in Orlu have knowledge of female condom? 2. What is the women’s attitude towards female condoms? 3. Will they be willing to use the female condom? Frequency and simple percentages were used for analysis. The result indicated that knowledge about female condom was relatively low (16.7%). Only 6 respondents (2%) have ever used female condom. More than 95% of the women had favorable attitude towards female condom and have the intention of using it if properly educated on how to use it. With the low knowledge about female condom among the respondents and with high favorable attitude and willingness to use the female condom, the researchers are of the opinion that the service providers would be a likely source of education and training in female condom since they are already in the position to distribute information and materials related to sexual behavior and health. The organizations working on Health/HIV/AIDS should move to our communities to promote female condom and this could bring promising results in the prevention of STIs, HIV/AIDS and unintended pregnancies in our society.
Azubike, C.U. and Otinwa, G.O. (2011). “A Survey of Knowledge and Attitude of Women towards the Use age of Female Condoms in Orlu, Imo State”. Nigerian School Health Journal Vol. 23, (2), 74 - 82.