Estimation of the Thermal Diffusivity of Beans Using a Simple Apparatus

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Akinola, A. A.
Adeniji, O. B.
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FUOYE Journal of Engineering and Technology
A simple apparatus for the determination of the thermal diffusivity of black-eyed beans samples, using the transient heat conduction method is presented. This apparatus is a stainless steel cylindrical tube, containing the sample, placed into a constant temperature water bath. The variation of the temperature at the center of the tube with time is recorded. The thermal diffusivities were determined from the temperature-time relationship data of the sample, and the dimensions of the equipment. The estimated thermal diffusivity values of the samples varied between 4.70 x 10-8 to 6.94 x 10-8 and 5.26 x 10-8 to 7.68 x 10-8 when the temperature in the water bath was 50oC and 60oC, respectively. Also, the thermal diffusivity was higher when the water bath temperature was 60oC rather than 50oC for the sample range of particle sizes studied. As black-eyed beans are a staple food in many parts of West African, they are grown, harvested, and stored. The thermal diffusivity information is useful in determining the behaviour of this Argo-product when stored.
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Beans , Thermal diffusivity , Transient heat conduction method , Research Subject Categories::TECHNOLOGY::Chemical engineering
Akinola, A. A. and Adeniji, O. B., (2019). Estimation of the Thermal Diffusivity of Beans Using a Simple Apparatus, FUOYE Journal of Engineering and Technology, Vol.4(2), pp 43-47