Knowledge and attitude to exclusive breastfeeding in Ikosi District of Ikosi-Isheri Local Government Area, Lagos State

Olatona, F.A. ; Odeyemi, K.A. (2011)

Staff publications


Background: Infant malnutrition is a public health problem in developing countries. Objective: To determine the knowledge and attitude of women to exclusive breastfeeding in Ikosi district of Ikosi/Isheri Local Government Area. Methods: This was a descriptive cross-sectional study that employed a multistage sampling technique to select four hundred female participants. Data was collected using structured interviewer-administered questionnaires. A woman was included if she was within the reproductive age group and her last confinement was not more than five years Results: Awareness was high (98.3%) but only about one third (39%) had good knowledge of exclusive breastfeeding. Almost all respondents (98.8%) felt that breastfeeding was important. The majority (73.3%) believed that breast milk alone is sufficient for the baby in the first six months of life while more than half (61%) believed in the appropriateness of breastfeeding in public. Conclusion: Given that a relatively high proportion of women had positive attitudes despite the poor knowledge of exclusive breastfeeding, public enlightenment and continued health education especially in the antenatal clinics are pertinent to maternal and childcare to attain the recommendation of 90% practice in developing countries.