Odontogenic tumors: analysis of 289 Nigerian cases

Odukoya, O. (1995-11)

Staff publications


Two hundred and eighty-nine cases of odontogenic tumors that accumulated in the files of the biopsy service of the Lagos University Teaching Hospital during a period of 21 years were analysed and categorised according to the most recent WHO classification of odontogenic tumors. Odontogenic tumors constituted 19% of all oral/jaw tumors and tumor-like lesions. Ameloblastoma, which accounted for 58.5% of odontogenic tumors in the series, was the most common, and showed a predilection for males and the posterior mandible. 94.8% of odontogenic tumors were benign, while malignant odontogenic tumors accounted for 5.2%). Odontogenic carcinoma was the most prevalent malignant odontogenic tumor; it showed a predilection for the mandible and occurred at a mean age of 37 year