Access to research funding and accountability among university lecturers in South West of Nigeria

Adetoro, J.A. ; Bello, S.A. ; Uzoka, N.E. (2009)

Staff publications


The study investigates the level of access to research funding and accountability among university lecturers in South West of Nigeria. Specifically, the study sets out to examine the extent to which lecturers in the universities are given grants to conduct researches and ascertain the level of accountability of research grants. The study also tried to find out if corruption and embezzlement reduces the amount of resources set aside tor research activities and the extent to which research proposals meet the necessary criteria of the funders. Two hypotheses were formulated to guide the investigation. The study adopted the descriptive survey as its design and the population was made up of university lecturers from federal and state universities. The sample size comprises of 120 lecturers from each university out of. a total of ten universities bringing the totel number to 1200 lecturers. Stratified random sampling technique was employed to select the lecturers on equitable basis. Observation, interview and questionnaire were the major instruments for data col/ection. The questionnaire was validated and the reliability was ascertained with a coefficient of 0.B1. The Chi-square was the statistical method used for data analysis. Some of the major findings of the study are that the level of accountability of research grants received by the lecturers is very high. Almost all the lecturers who receive the grants account for them within the expected time limit and research reports are also forwarded as early as such research is concluded. The study concluded by recommending that lecturers should be encouraged to have access to research grants among others.