Ethical ideology and Nigerian building professionals’ ambivalence toward ethical issues

Ameh, John , O. (2018-11)


Consensus is that corruption and other ethical lapses are prevalent in the construction industry. Professional ethical lapses often lead to huge economic loss in the form of additional cost of projects, rework engendered by poor quality of works, frequent maintenance management of buildings, and in extreme cases collapse of building. Ethical ideology accounts for variation in individuals’ perception about moral issues and consequent behaviour notwithstanding existence of professional code of conduct. The purpose of this study is to examine the dimensions of ethical lapses within the Nigerian building industry, and also investigate factors that influence professionals’ ultimate decision to engage or refrain from ethically questionable behaviour in the procurement of building project. The study methodology involves cross-sectional survey of key built environment professionals in consulting, contracting and client organisations. The findings will form needed benchmark for resolving ethical issues in the building industry in developed and developing countries.