Stakeholders Response to the Menace of Building Collapse in Lagos, Nigeria

Ameh, John , O. (2018-11)


The phenomenon of building collapse in Nigeria and the accompanying fatality and magnitude of economic loss have been issues of concern to stakeholders, particularly the professionals in the built environment and the government. This paper outlines historical records of building collapse incidences in Lagos State, Nigeria in the last 10 years and examines stakeholders’ response to the menace with a view to providing intervention policies for resolving ethical issues in the building industry in developing countries. Content analysis was used for data obtained primarily from secondary sources. Findings reveal that the menace of building collapse is pronounced in the Ikeja and Lagos administrative divisions, and common among the two- and three-storey residential building categories. Timely interventions of Building Collapse Prevention Guild and Building Control Agency led to significant reduction in the incidences and fatalities. It is hoped that other developing countries facing similar ethical issues in their building industry will lean from the interventions in Lagos State, Nigeria.