Faremi, O.J ; Adenuga, O ; John, B.I ; Adegoriola, M ; Muraina, A.O (2018-08-28)


Appropriate decision making on either to insource or outsource maintenance services in universities is a strategic task. Such a decision-making process is usually complex and challenging. Insourcing maintenance services, different sourcing option suits different maintenance scenarios, hence the need to study the factors influencing decision to insource or outsource maintenance services in any particular organisation or institution. Through a crosssectional survey, data were gathered from 112 respondents comprising a census of 28 maintenance managers and purposive sampling of 84 maintenance technical staff. The relative influence index and the Welch‘s test were employed as statistical tools for data analysis. The results indicate that factors influencing insourcing of maintenance services in universities include: the development of in-house maintenance staff, technological requirements uncertainty and the difficulty in getting trustworthy contractors. Factors influencing building maintenance outsourcing decision in universities include the need for specialised expertise, strategic alliance with contractors and the need for specialised management. The results of the Welch‘s ANOVA F (2, 87) =3.50, p=0.17 and F (2, 92) =2.08, p=0.26, showed that there was no significant difference in the factors influencing insourcing and outsourcing decisions across federal, state and private universities respectively. The study concludes that insourcing decision is influenced by management factors while outsourcing decision are influenced by strategic and technological factors.