Faremi, O.J ; Adenuga, O ; John, B.I ; Adetayo, O (2016)


This study investigates health and safety incidences on construction projects handledby indigenous contractors. It assesses the frequency at which health and safetyincidences occur on construction sites and evaluates potential factors that couldinfluence health and safety performance of indigenous construction contractors onconstruction sites within the study area. A survey of randomly selected sites within thestudy area was conducted using self-administered structured questionnaires asinstruments of primary data collection. The data collected were analyzed usingdescriptive and inferential statistics. The analysis showed that the rate at whichaccidents occur on indigenous contractors’ site is high. Rated as the most significantcauses of accidents onconstructionsitesare injury from nails, sharp objects andhandheld tools. This study concludes that giving monetary incentives to workmen forcarrying out construction task in a safe manner, regular safety inspections duringconstruction activitiesand carrying out disciplinary action for activities carried outunsafely are measures that could enhance the health and safety performance ofconstruction contractors. This study then develop a model that could assist indigenouscontractors predict the likelihood of accident occurrence from unsafe condition, unsafeact and near miss on a construction site.