The Enigmatic Kingdom of Plants: their power to stimulate, intoxicate and ulter consciousness; their power to maim, kill and cure

Olowokudejo, J.D. (2018-10-10)

An inaugural lecture delivered at the University of Lagos, Akoka


The first section shall shed more light on the subject of Botany, its origin, and some of its subdisciplines including re~ent advances and current trends. The power, wonders, mysteries, myths, and relevance of plants in human~ affairs will b.e presented in the second section. The third segment will highlight some of my research contributions within the general framework of my multidisciplinary training in Plant Taxonomy, Biosystematics, Biodiversity, Conservation, and the Environment. The fourth and last section will draw attention to the fragile and precarious state of the environment and how humans are killing the atmosphere, the land, and the oceans; depleting biodiversity and reducing the earth's capacity to sustain life. The lecture will be concluded by outlining some general and specific recommendations which have both local and global implications.