Utilization of public private partnership (PPP) for social infrastructure provision in Nigeria

Akinsiku, O. E. ; Ajayi, O.M. (2015-11)

Conference proceedings


Public Private Partnership (PPP) has been widely used to deliver public infrastructure and services in most developed countries like UK, Australia and Canada. However in Nigeria, the implementations of PPP for social infrastructure have not been fully adopted despite the benefit of the procurement system in terms of the usage of private sector finances to provide public infrastructure. This study thus assesses the utilization of PPP for social infrastructure in Nigeria. Cross-sectional research design is used for this study and the population comprises of professionals involved in the execution of PPP projects, government agencies and parastatals, public and private institutions, and contracting organisation. Convenience sampling technique method is used for this study of which 68 questionnaires were distributed and 49 was returned and used for the analysis, given an average response rate of 72%. The study shows that the level of utilisation of PPP procurement system is very low as most respondents have not been involved in PPP procurement system in Nigeria, this is attributed to the fact that this procurement system is yet to be fully embraced and adopted as a means of providing critical infrastructural need although professionals are quite aware of the procurement system.