Ajiola, F.O (2016-07)


ABSTRACT Globalization is not a new development in the international system. Given the interconnection of socioeconomic and political activities, woven through the information and communication technology across the globe, the penetration of western culture in Africa is becoming increasingly profound, having historical connection with the ‘Columbus epoch’ which began in the 15th century. The global arena is now increasingly international, driven inter alia by the revolution and expansion of computer technology. Satellite ditches and telecommunication systems now connect virtually all corners of the globe. The world is indeed going through fundamental changes in virtually all ramifications, especially in terms of the influx of western culture‘ subtle imperialism’, gaining expression through the blog, satellite ditch, and several computer applications in Africa. However, technological expansion to Africa, rather than enabling and ennobling youth’s intellectual and existential development, gives more impetus to illicit juvenile manifestations. Technology has been the bane of youth mediocrity; it has created new dimension of criminality and illicit culture. Currently there are astronomical legitimate online mails Nigerians cannot access as a result of the misuse of computer technology by Nigerian youths. This paper examines the misuse of computer technology by Nigerian Youths to popularizing illegal and illicit culture, including the burgeoned cybercrime, occupation of astronomical youth, and other alien practices such as sexual liberalism and other evolving idiosyncrasies, antithetical to African culture.