Numerical optimization of forced convection of wall thickness of heated plates cooled using alumina-water nanofluid

Aduralere, T.T ; Olakoyejo, O.T ; Adewumi, O.O ; Adelaja, A.O ; Obayopo, S.O ; Meyer, J.P (2018-08)

Staff publications


This paper applied constructal theory and design to present the numerical optimisation of forced convection of a rectangular plate placed between a heat source and a cooling fluid (Al2O3-Water) driven by forced convection at the upper surface. The main objective was to numerically optimise the configuration of the wall thickness using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) in such a way that the peak temperature was minimised from the solid to the fluid. An optimisation algorithm called Response Surface Optimisation within CFD code was applied in order to search for the optimal wall thickness configuration which improved thermal performance by minimising thermal resistance for a wide range of Reynolds numbers. The effect of varied Reynolds number and constant heat flux on the optimal geometry was reported. There was a unique optimal design geometry for a given value of Reynolds number. Results obtained show that an increase in the applied Reynolds number and the volume fraction of the cooling fluid leads to a decrease in minimum peak temperature.