Michael M. Ogbeidi, Business History and the Lagos School of History, 1962-2016

Ajiola, F.O. (2018)

Staff publications


This paper tries to understand how the cosmopolitan nature of Lagos influenced Professor Michael Monday Ogbeidi’s scholarship, pedagogy and knowledge production in the Lagos School of History. There is indeed a strong nexus between the geographical location of an institution of higher learning, the residential environment of its scholars, their private thinking and their intellectual productivity on the one hand and quality scholarship on the other hand. This article explores the contributions of Professor Michael M. Ogbeidi, a central and indomitable figure not only in the area of business history but also in the shaping of historical scholarship in the Lagos School of History. It critiques some of his ideas, thoughts and puzzles in relation to the cosmopolitan nature of Lagos as both a place of work and residence. Engaging with his works, the article examines his efforts in the advancement of historical scholarship as well as unveiling the circumstances that led to his conception of ‘Business History’ amidst numerous economic historians in the Lagos School of History.