Prevalence and awareness of hypertension in rural community in Southwest, Nigeria

Amira, C.O ; Akinkugbe, O ; Fasanmade, O ; Ozoh, O ; Bandele, E (2014)

Staff publications


Background: Hypertension prevalence is reported to be on the rise in sub-Saharan Africa and the rates of awareness, treatment, and control are low. Limited information exists about the prevalence of hypertension in the rural areas. Objective: - The study aimed to determine the prevalence, awareness, and control of hypertension in a rural community in Southwest Nigeria. Materials and Methods A cross sectional study was carried out in Epeme a rural community in Lagos state in southwest Nigeria. One hundred and fifty-five respondents aged 18 years and above were studied. Anthropometric and blood pressure measurements were taken. Information on prior knowledge of hypertension and drug history was documented. Individuals with blood pressure value ≥ 140/90mmHg were regarded as hypertensive. Awareness of hypertension was self report of a previous diagnosis of hypertension. Results: The mean age was 38.7 ± 13.1 years. The prevalence of hypertension was 34.8% (males 28.6%, females 37.7% p = 0.267); 51.9% of those with hypertension were aware of their blood pressure status and of these 11.1% were on treatment and only 5.6% achieved blood pressure control. Prevalence of hypertension rose steadily with age and was highest in the age-group 55-64years. Forty seven (30.3%) respondents had central obesity while 27 (17.4%) had generalised obesity. Conclusion: Prevalence and awareness of hypertension was high however the treatment and control rates were very low. There is need to incorporate hypertension management into primary health care in the rural communities