28-Day Strength Predicting Model for Foamed Aerated Concrete Containing Pulverized Bone as a Partial Replacement of Cement

Ikponmwosa, E ; Falade, F ; Fapohunda, C (2013-09)

Staff Publication


This paper presents the results of a mathematical model developed for predicting the 28-day compressive strength of foamed aerated concrete containing pulverised bone as partial replacement of cement for the purpose of quality controls. Strength-porosity relation was used as a basis for the development of the model, and the Bisection Methods of Numerical analysis was used to evaluate the inherent constants. For all the percentages of cement replacement with pulverised bone, the experimental strength values compare well with those of the model. It can thus be concluded that the model is valid for foamed aerated concrete with and without pulverized bone. The model has been validated up to 20% replacement of cement with pulverised bone.