Management of Labour Only Contracts in the Nigerian Construction Industry: Basis of Award and Execution

Adenuga, O. A. (2003)

Conference proceedings


Globalisation, the down town in the economy, with the resultant lean economic resources in Nigeria have led many clients, to adopt the labour-only contracting system as a means of saving cost. This is not only for piecework’s such as alteration and refurbishment, but for the construction of new projects. The paper focused on the management of labour-only contracting system by examining its method of planning, organization, control, coordination and implementation. The scheduling of the resources were also examined. Performances were monitored in the area of cost, time and quality. Opinions of the parties involved consisting of clients, contractors and consultants were sampled. Selective sampling procedures were adopted for the targeted population. The data collected were analysed using descriptive statistics. From the analysis, the paper concluded that the system is becoming an increasingly prominent feature of the construction labour market. The success largely depends on the cooperation between the parties involved. The paper also revealed that the system is innovative and cost effective, but it could be confrontational, complex and uninspiring. When there is a breach of contract, this could result into delay and cost over-run.