Insulin Response to Oral 50gms glucose load Screening for gestational diabetes mellitus

Adegbola, O ; Banmeke, A ; Ajayi, G.O. (2003)

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Objective : To study the insulin response to oral 50 grammes glucose load DESIGN: Cohort Study. Setting: Antenatal patients of Lagos University Teaching Hospital. Subjects: Women with abnormal response to 50 grammes glucose load ( 140 mg/dl after one hour) - test and women with normal response to the same glucose load (c 140mg.jdl after one hour)- control. Result: The mean plasma glucose was found to oe statistically significantly tugner in the test groups than in the control groups for both the tasting and one hour glucose levels without any statistically significant change in the plasma fasting insulin level and the plasma one hour insulin levels tol both groups. Conclusion: Failure of a higher insulin response to glucose load has a role to play in the deterioration ot glucose tolerance in pregnancy