Nigerian Senior Secondary School Science Teachers’ Knowledge and Attitude towards Education for Environmental Sustainability

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Owoyemi, T. E
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Faculty of Social Science Stalowa, Wola
The study investigated science teachers’ knowledge and attitude towards education for environmental sustainability. One hundred and fifty (150) Senior Secondary School Science Teachers were randomly selected for the study. An adapted survey instrument was used to ascertain science teachers' knowledge of environmental sustainability and their attitudes. Data collected were analysed using descriptive statistics. The findings of the study showed that a reasonable percentage of the science teachers indicated that they have heard and could explain issues that concern environmental sustainability. But on the contrary, results of the test on their actual knowledge revealed a significant gap between their indications and knowledge possessed on environmental issues raised in the study. They also had positive attitude toward the teaching of education for environmental sustainability and clamoured for a change in the teacher training institutions curriculum in order to ensure education for sustainability. However, disparity between their actual knowledge and attitude towards teaching sustainability suggests that their intentions to teach about sustainability might be unrealised if their knowledge on education for environmental sustainability is not enhanced. It was recommended among others that education for sustainability and environmental education should be introduced as a matter of urgency at all levels of our education and it should be infused into the curriculum of the schools where teachers are trained.
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Secondary school , Science Teacher's knowledge , Attitude towards Education , Environmental , Sustainability , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES::Social sciences::Education
Owoyemi T.E.& Monday M. (2015). Nigerian Senior Secondary School Science Teachers’ Knowledge and Attitude towards Education for Environmental Sustainability. Spoleczenstwo I Rodizina (Society and Family), 42(1), 61-77. Published by Faculty of Social Science Stalowa, Wola, The John Paul II Catholic University of Lubin, Poland