Mechanical Characteristics of an Extension Clamp Fabricated from Used Aluminum Beverage Cans

Sekunowo, O.I. ; Lawal, G.I. ; Durowaye, S.I. ; Raheem, I.A. (2015)


This article investigates the mechanical properties of a laboratory-sized clamp fabricated from used aluminum beverage cans as part of effort to achieve a cleaner environment and add value. Used aluminum beverage cans, ferromanganese, and varied percentages of ferrosilicon (0.94%, 2.28%, 3.35%, and 4.82%) were synthesized by casting. The cast samples were then subjected to the clamp’s relevant functional mechanical properties test. The results of the tests show that the Al-4.82% Si specimen demonstrated the highest ultimate tensile strength and elastic modulus. The wear resistance of the alloy also improved as the amount of silicon added increased. However, the total elongation decreased with an increase in the weight percentage of silicon due to an increase in the fraction of silicon particles present within the alloy matrix. The improved mechanical properties demonstrated by the aluminum-silicon alloy impact positively on the functionality of the three-prong extension clamp. This development has the potential of creating an immense boost in the global effort at achieving a cleaner environment.