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Abugu, J. E.
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MIJ Professional Publishers Limited
This 17 Chapter book is the second edition of an earlier edition published in 2005, the stated object was to develop a compendium of securities law in Nigeria for students and practitioners of the subject and thereby provide some specialized instruction in this area. A lot has happened since that pioneer work. Notably, the Investment and Securities Act 1999 was reviewed barely two years after and was replaced with the Investment and Securities Act 2007. Secondly, the Rules and Regulations of the Securities and Exchange Commission have continuously been revised and supplemented in reaction to innovations and developments in the securities market. Thirdly, a spate of fund raising from the capital market by State governments have also deepened the securities market and raised its consciousness politically and economically. Fourthly, the capital market crash of 2008 revealed several weaknesses in the regulatory framework of the securities markets, among others. This second edition is designed to further deepen available literature on securities law and strengthen the case for its inclusion in the course curricula of our Universities. Changes in the law since 2007 are brought up to date. The result is an enlarge work of seventeen chapters. New chapters dealing with Professional Due Diligence; Broker/Dealer regulations and regulation of capital market operators will no doubt be of great interest to students and practitioners.
Text on Nigerian law on Company Securities and Stock Market Practice
Company Securities Law, Raising Capital, Dealing in Company Capital, Capital Market Malpractices
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