Mechanical Properties of Poly (L-Lactide)-Based Composites for Hard Tissue Repairs

Aworinde, A.K. ; Adeosun, S.O. ; Oyawale, F.A. (2020)


The struggle in osteosynthesis continues with the search for more biocompatible materials to replace metallic scaffolds. Poly(L-lactic) acid (PLLA), a biopolymer, was processed via melt-blending technique by blending chitosan and Ti-6Al-2Sn-2Mo-2Cr-0.25Si powders with it in varying compositions at 290 oC. The microhardness values, compressive moduli and fracture toughness of the reinforced PLLA improved significantly while the resulting composites were found to be less tough than the unreinforced PLLA. Compressive moduli obtained were much lower than the modulus of cortical bone. They were, however, mechanically compatible with the properties of cancellous bone.