Broken Dental Needle During Administration of Inferior Alveolar Nerve Block: a Case Report and Review of Literature.

Adeyemi, M.F. ; Ibraheem, G.H. ; Ernest, M.A. ; Adeyemo, W.L. ; Ernest, S.K. (2015-07-01)

Case report


Administration of local anaesthesia using dental needles is a daily routine in dental clinic which is rarely accompanied with complications. We therefore present a 7 year old patient with accidental broken dental needle that occurred in an attempt to give local anaesthesia in a referral centre. Plain radiographs reveal a radio-opaque structure around the zygomatic arch extending posteriorly to the mastoid air cells which enhanced surgical retrieval under general anaestheisa. This was the first time such a case was encountered and reported in Ilorin. This case highlights absolute indication, and method for surgical retrieval and suggestions for prevention of such occurrences in the future is discussed.