Effect of Land Cover (Clutter) on Field Strength Prediction in urban Areas

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Gbenga-Ilori, A.O.
Ibiyemi, T.S.
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Journal of Engineering Research (JER), University of Lagos
This article studies different propagation models in order to determine a suitable one for estimating radio coverage for broadcast services in urban areas. This paper presents three different field strength prediction methods for broadcast services based on both deterministic and semi-empirical techniques. A comprehensive television broadcast field strength survey was carried out at different locations in some selected states of Nigeria in order to compare field strength measured from all television transmitters with those obtained from the three prediction models. The prediction accuracy of each method has been examined by comparing the field strength they yield to those determined from the measurement campaign. The substantial elements of the methods are summarized and the results of the comparison discussed.
Propagation models, field strength, deterministic technique, semi-empirical technique.