Pattern of Lymph Node Pathology in Lagos

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Akinde, OR
Anunobi, CC
Abudu, EK
Daramola, AO
Banjo, A A F
Abdulkareem, FB
Osunkalu, VO
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Nigerian Quarterly Journal of Hopspital Medicine
Background: Enlarge lymph node is a common finding in clinical practice, which can be caused by several factors, such as infections, drugs etc. Objective: To review the pathology of lymph node diseases in children and adults with both deep seated and peripheral lymphadenopathy in Lagos. Methods: A 12- year retrospective study of lymph node biopsies at Histopathology Department of LUTH, and two main histopathology private laboratories in Lagos; The specialist Laboratory (TSL) and Histolab was carried out. Results: 733 samples of lymph nodes were seen. Of these, 229 (31.37%) were reactive, 109 (14.93%) were chronic granulomatuos lesions while lymphoma was seen in 123 cases (16.85%) and metastatic lesions in 269 cases (36.50%). The male to female ratio was 1:1.5. (286:436). In 670 cases, the lymph nodes were peripheral in location with the distribution of 249, 140 and 42 from the axilla, cervical and inguinal regions respectively. Only 60 of the samples were deeply seated lymph nodes; 55 from the intra-abdominal cavity and 5 from the mediastenium. About 239 samples did not have their sites indicated and majority of these (106) were diagnosed to be reactive lymphadenitis. Conclusion: The categories of lymphoid disease are similar to that of other third world countries but there is slight disparity in the frequency distribution of these diseases compared with findings in literatures within the countries.
Nig Q J Hosp Med . Apr-Jun 2011;21(2):154-8.