Counselling is Required in all Human Affairs

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Olusakin, A.M
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Sunday Champion
Everybody needs a Counsellor. Counselling is relevance in every sector of the economy of this nation. Right from the highest level of officers to the lowest, there would be issues that require appropriate and effective intervention. We need professional Counsellors to guide based on the existing policies and from the human-beings’ psycho-social perspective. There is no one without a challenge and for as long as there are people with challenges, the services of professional Counsellors would be needed not only in the area of educational challenges but also in resolving vocational issues as well as personal-social interventions. Professional Counsellors put into consideration the cognitive, affective and the psychomotor components of the client(s) …
Counselling , Required , Human , Affairs , Research Subject Categories::HUMANITIES and RELIGION
Olusakin, A.M(2009) Counselling is Required in all Human Affairs. Sunday Champion, October 25, 2009