Optimisation Of Water Absorption Parameters Of Dual-Filler Filled Composites Using Taguchi And Moderated Taguchi Techniques

Ajibade, O.A. ; Agunsoye, J.O. ; Oke, S.A. (2019)


This work contributes two novel modified Taguchi techniques to the optimal parametric setting for minimum water absorption in epoxy composites. Taguchi method, using ASTM standards was applied with factors (initial weight, final weight, length, sample thickness and time of immersion) and four levels in the experimental design. The analysis of variance (ANOVA) evaluates the significance and individual contributions of the parameters. The optimal parametric setting was A1B4C3D4E1 (initial weight, 2.61 g; final weight, 2.69 g; length, 62.73 mm; thickness, 3.88 mm; time, 15.65 hrs). The ANOVA identifies time and length as dominant parameters (98.98 and 1.02 % contributions, respectively). Taguchi-Pareto analysis found only factor-level from the time and length parameters economical to optimality. The Taguchi-ABC analysis revealed the individual weights and contributions of the factor-level irrespective of its initial groupings. The new Taguchi techniques highlighted the importance of time and length of sample in obtaining minimum water absorption of composites.