Novel epoxy-carbonized coconut shell nanoparticles composites for car bumper application

Agunsoye, J.O. ; Odumosu, A.K. ; Dada, O. (2019)


The structure and mechanical properties of carbonized coconut shell nanoparticles (CSnp) reinforced epoxy composite have been evaluated to establish the possibility of using the composite as a new material for automobile car bumper application. Epoxy resin of the type LY556 was blended together with CSnp at 5–25 wt%. Scanning electron microscopy (SEM), mechanical test, and thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) were examined. SEM morphology reveals adhesion between CSnp and polymer matrix at low wt%CSnp while at higher weight percent of CSnp agglomeration of CSnp was observed. The addition of CSnp at 25 wt% produced the optimal hardness values of 26.35 VHN, tensile stress of 338.75 MPa, and flexural strength of 156 MPa, while at 10 wt% CSnp produced optimal impact energy value of 5.71 J. The developed epoxy composite when compared with two existing Toyota models showed improved impact energy at break of 10.5% over Big Daddy Model and 37.45% over Carina model under the same testing conditions.