Experimental investigation and theoretical prediction of tensile properties of Delonix regia seed particle reinforced polymeric composites

Agunsoye, J.O. ; Bello, S.A. ; Adetola, L.O. (2019)


Possibility of using Delonix regia (Dr) seed particles as reinforcement for production of new polymeric composites has been studied. Dried Dr seeds were processed using a disc grinder and then classified. Dr particles of 105 lm average size were incorporated into recycled low density polyethylene (RLDPE) up to 10 wt% and RLDPE/Dr particle composites were produced through compounding and compressive moulding technique. Effects of Dr particle addition on morphology and the tensile properties of the produced composites were investigated. The composite tensile properties were confirmed and validated using mono-variate regression model involving full factorial design of one factor-five levels. Results obtained indicated presence of void within the composite grain which impair the tensile strength and strain of the RLDPE composite at 10 wt% of Dr seed particle addition. About 300% and 41% maximum increments in tensile strength and strain were noticed at 4 wt%. The developed models show that wt% of Dr particles has significantly statistical influences on both tensile strength (P = 0.00827) and strain (P = 0.01756). About 93% and 89% response prediction by the models shows that the models exhibit fit goodness and they are appropriate for confirmation of experimental tensile properties. Therefore, this study has given birth to a new polymeric composite for engineering applications.