Effects Of Reinforcement Particle Sizes On Mechanical Properties Of Aluminium/Egg Shell Composites

Agunsoye, J.O. ; Bello, S.A. ; Yekinni, A.A. ; Raheem, S.A. ; Awe, O.I. (2016)


The 100 and 150 µm sized CaCO3 particles (sourced from eggshells) from 2-12 wt.% by were used as reinforcements for the fabrication of Al ceramics composites using compo cast technique. The technique involves manual stirring of Al alloy melt-CaCO3 particle mixture prior to pouring process. The morphology of the CaCO3 particles and Al alloy/CaCO3 composites were examined using scanning electron microscope (SEM). The mechanical properties of the fabricated Al alloy / CaCO3 composites were investigated. The result obtained from SEM analysis revealed that the microstructures of Al alloy/100 µm CaCO3 composites are finer than those of their counterparts. This justifies better interaction of 100 μm with Al alloy than 150 μm CaCO3 particles which may be attributable to particle diffusion enhancement due to a decrease in the particle size. Al alloy/100 µm CaCO3 composites displayed higher tensile strain than Al alloy/150 µm CaCO3 composites. Hence the use of 100 µm sized egg shell particles for reinforcement has experimental proven advantages over 150 µm sized CaCO3 particles.