Caesarean delivery of first prediagnosed COVID-19 pregnancy in Nigeria

Makwe, C.C. ; Okunade, K.S. ; Rotimi, M.K. ; Ekor, O.E. ; Oyeleke, O.G. ; Bello, Q.O. ; Oluwole, A.A. ; Akase, I.E. ; Ezenwa, B.N. ; Fajolu, I.B. ; Dada, R.W. ; Oshodi, Y. ; Olatosi, J.O. ; Opanuga, O.O. ; Omilabu, S. ; Ezeaka, V.C. ; Afolabi, B.B. (2020)


The COVID-19 pandemic is currently causing widespread infection and deaths around the world. Since the identification of the first case in Nigeria in February 2020, the number of confirmed cases has risen to over 9,800. Although pregnant women are not necessarily more susceptible to infection by the virus, changes to their immune system in pregnancy may be associated with more severe symptoms. Adverse maternal and perinatal outcomes have been reported among pregnant women with COVID-19 infection. However, literature is scarce on the peripartum management and pregnancy outcome of a pregnant woman with COVID-19 in sub-Saharan Africa. We report the first successful and uncomplicated caesarean delivery of a pregnant woman with COVID-19 infection in Nigeria.